Titan Tokens

Titan Tokens is the new reward scheme for our loyal customers starting Friday 28th January 2022!

Its simply done - earn tokens for your purchases online and redeem them for money off vouchers.


Sign up - 10 Tokens

Follow us on Instagram - 10 Tokens

Follow us on Facebook - 10 Tokens

Place an order - 1 Token for every £1 spent


50 Points = £1 Discount

100 Points = £2.50 Discount

200 Points = £5.00 Discount

How do I sign up to start receiving Titan Tokens?

In order to receive Titan Tokens, you first need to have an account setup with us. To do this, click here. New customers will also receive 10 tokens for signing up!

Program Terms

When participating in the Titan Tokens loyalty scheme, you agree to the following terms:

  • Tokens earned for purchases are only awarded based on the order subtotal and excludes discounts and shipping.
  • Tokens earned for purchases are awarded once the order is paid.
  • Tokens will be removed if a customer cancels or returns items from purchases where Tokens are earned.
  • Tokens are not earned on replacement items.
  • Tokens can only be redeemed at the beginning of a purchase. Once redeemed, they cannot be reversed back onto accounts.
  • Tokens do not expire.
  • Tokens are not transferable between accounts.
  • Tokens will not be awarded for past orders before the program launch.
  • Items awarded through the redemption of Tokens cannot be returned or be exchanged for monetary value.
  • Titan Pops reserves the right to adjust Token values at any time without notice.
  • Titan Pops reserves the right to adjust Tokens even after they are awarded to the customer.
  • Titan Pops reserves the right to cancel Tokens at any point.
  • Titan Pops reserves the right to alter the way Tokens are awarded and/or how they are redeemed.